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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You go swimming in one of the ShaSa's many beautiful pools (pictured above) or at one of the popular beaches nearby. 

Whether you want salty or fresh water, Thailand is still one of the best countries in the world for swimming. You may have heard of Phuket numerous times but it doesn’t mean Koh Samui beaches will give you less value for your travel money. Samui’s hotel resorts are also one of the best finds in Thailand.  Case in point is  ShaSa Hotel where you don’t need to be forced to get initiated in Thailand swimming in one of the hotel’s cascading pools overlooking the sea.

Swimming may sound like a lazy tourist’s activity as opposed to kayaking, jet skiing, and other watersports. Yet, it gives you the best chance (on the boat you are more likely to be looking offshore) to look attentively towards the shore to admire the coconut palms slowly waving, the powdery sand, and the spellbinding landscape. Actually, your mind is the best camera for taking photos of beautiful Koh Samui beaches.

Where do you get wet in Thailand’s third largest island? Almost everywhere because you can only walk on the streets looking for Thai stuff to bring home, sleep on your bed at one of island’s best resorts or look at mysterious rock formations. Probably ninety percent of the time, you’re in Koh Samui beaches giving your feet a grand vacation on the sand and then before you know it you will be surrendering your body again to the sea. Swimming is the most natural thing to do in this island for every member of the family.

If you like places with a more festive mood, go to Chaweng and Lamai, the biggest Koh Samui beaches. While waiting for the night market or the bars and discos, you can take a dip into the sea and rush to nearby drinking and dining spots to re-charge. Changwe is also the island’s departure point if you want to go swimming and snorkeling in Ko Tao and Angthong National Marine Park. For true-blue backpackers who would like to pretend keeping the sea for themselves, there are Koh Samui beaches that won’t disappoint. Check out Choeng Mon on the north coast. It offers a series of bays and the clean waters are absolutely great for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to check out  a quiet private beach you should head to the Laem set beach located right next to the Shasa hotel. 

The amazing thing about a few days of life in this island is that you can go to the sea in all directions. Koh Samui beaches have everything to offer whether you like socializing with a crowd of beach folks or contemplating on the vastness of the sea by yourself or with just a few people.


The Choeng Mon beach is a nice quiet, private beach in Koh Samui  located only a few minutes away from the ShaSa resort. (Photo courtesy of

Comparatively more upscale than neighboring Big Buddha Beach, Choeng Mon beach is one of those Koh Samui beaches that promises to live up to its higher class image.  Nestled on the northwestern edge of Koh Samui, Choeng Mon offers exclusivity to the more discerning traveler who prefers a more private setting for a holiday at any of the popular Koh Samui beaches. The elite handful of resorts that offer either three- or five-star accommodations attests to how individuality is nurtured on this side of the island.

How To Reach Choeng Mon

The serene setting of Choeng Mon is reachable by proceeding east past the airport turnoff. In similar fashion to most other Koh Samui beaches, the area is primarily a coastline setting and lies barely 15 minutes north of Chaweng. This captivating bay expanse is characterized by sprawling and pristine sandy beaches. Rock formations capture the imagination, and a small island on the other side mesmerizes with its own beauty. Choeng Mon, as many other Koh Samui beaches, offers much in the way of making more discriminating travelers feel they are truly away from the hustle and bustle of a very public world.

Resort Regulars

Beguiled by the relative seclusion offered by Choeng Mon, patrons who choose this beach among all other Koh Samui beaches belong to the older, package tour crowds. Frequenters are visitors from France and Germany, which is why entertainment and food selections are mostly geared toward this group. The spiciness of typical Thai cuisine is normally tempered down this side of Thailand. Most of the resorts have been designed to be self-sufficient within themselves, offering in-house entertainment to clients who do not wish to go venturing out for such. Western pop tunes are given expert covers by a good number of Filipino bands; traditional Thai dancing is also a staple in this upscale element of Koh Samui beaches.

Where to Stay

Choeng Mon beach naturally has several coves and islets just waiting to be explored by visitors out for some exploring to do on Koh Samui beaches. Luxurious resorts have been erected in a number of these islets and coves. The unbelievably two-level traditional teakwood Thai boats or barges and spectacular villas that make up The Imperial Boathouse provide breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, which have no villages but abound with tour counters, restaurants and minimarts. The White House,  considered by many as possibly the most romantic spot on this part of the island, offers exclusivity coupled with Thai hospitality. The Nara Garden offers captivating views and ultimate pampering to visitors out for a good dose of Thai warmth.