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New Years in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the best places to go and welcome in a New Year. (photo courtesy of

The best time to enjoy your Koh Samui travel experience is by visiting the island during New Year’s Day. Koh Samui is an exotic island in Thailand that has successfully preserved its local traditions, culture and landscape. However, it has also successfully developed into a resort destination with international standards. There are many visitors from all over the world anticipating the various festivities in Koh Samui, including New Year’s Day.

Thailand is an ideal place to celebrate New Year’s Day because the festivities are extraordinary and unique among the rest of the world. In Koh Samui, the people celebrate three New Year celebrations in a year. In January 1, they celebrate the worldwide New Year’s Day. Around the first week of February, they again celebrate it together with the Chinese for the Chinese New Year. On April 13, the people of Koh Samui celebrate it yet again following the Thai solar calendar. The April 13 New Year’s Day is culminated by the Songkran, the last day of celebration. It is a Koh Samui travel experience that you should not miss out on. April 13 is a special day for Thais because it is the first day on the Thai solar calendar.

The Songkran is highly anticipated not just by the Thais but the tourists as well. It is commonly known as the Water Festival. This festival makes the Koh Samui travel experience unique compared to other islands. In Koh Samui, people playfully enjoy the water fights on the street. They prepare water pistols, gallons of water and water balloons to aim at those joining the celebration. The streets are full of players joining in on the water fight. Traditionally though, Thais would travel back home to gather with their relatives and they would perform a cleansing ritual by pouring water onto themselves. Nowadays, some Thais still continue this tradition but they also participate in the long awaited water fights.

Aside from the water fights, there are many other things you can enjoy during your Koh Samui travel. You can enjoy the lovely floats decorating the rivers of the island. The Loy Krathong is another celebration during the Thai New Year wherein the people build kratongs (small crafts) to contain their offerings of food, flowers, money, candles, incense sticks and so on. They would let the kratong sail along the rivers around the island. This is another long anticipated Koh Samui travel experience for most tourists because the floats are beautifully decorated and the designs are intricately traditional Samui. The festivities include dances and performances by the locals.

Since most tourists enjoy their Koh Samuitravel in resorts near beaches, the island also has made popular the beach parties at night during New Year’s. They have laidback parties with bonfire, dancing and singing of traditional Samui songs. The parties can be a cultural experience for those that have yet to experience New Year’s at Koh Samui. The clear blue seas, the tropical wind and the laidback atmosphere attracts many visitors to the island especially during New Year’s.

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