Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Big Buddha Beach Nightlife

The Big Buddha Beach has some of the most entertaining bars in Koh Samui.

In Koh Samui travel to Big Buddha Beach and get a whole new experience of nightlife on the island. The Big Buddha Beach is ideal for visitors who want a relaxing, chill and somber time to spend the night away. You will not find Go-Go bars here. You will not find bars with flashing neon lights and bursting music. You will not find girlie bars or wild parties. Instead, you will find night spots by the beach serving cocktails, beers under the starry night and beside the beautiful sea. Families can enjoy a quiet bonding time over dinner by the beach and take in the wonderful view of the sea. Travelers can chill with a few beers and cocktails along the places by the sea in Big Buddha Beach. Indeed, this place offers a twist to your Koh Samui travel experience. 

Big Buddha Beach is a frequent destination of tourists because of its close proximity to the airport and the famous Chaweng Beach. Though it is known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere, it is the home of the much anticipated Full Moon Party. It is a night of bonfires, dances, singing and traditional performances from the locals by the beach. Visitors will get a cultural Koh Samui travel experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

If you plan to try out the Big Buddha nightlife, check out these places:

ShaSa Resort- This resort lies near the Big Buddha Beach. Families, couples and friends looking for a luxurious stay on the island should check out this hotel. It has executive villas with verandas overlooking the sea. Imagine spending the day lounging by the pool, getting a spa massage and having a luxurious bonding time with family and friends. Then at night, come over to the Big Buddha Beach, try out the restaurants and chill with a few drinks.

Heart & Soul- This is a bar and grill unlike any other on the island. It plays Northern Soul and Jazz grooves all night long. The owner, Lee Hughes, pays tribute to the music that was considered the foundation of the UK rave scene. Music lovers will enjoy a dining experience filled with beats from The Velvets, The Ojays, Gladys Knight, Sheila Ferguson and many more.  Discover a unique type of music while sipping fancy cocktails, marinated steaks, fresh kebabs and charcoal grill dishes at night. Diners will have a Koh Samui travel experience that they never expected.

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