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Bophut Beach Nightlife

The Bophut beach nightlife scene is quite fun. (Courtesy of

Have one of the best experiences of Koh Samui nightlife  in Bophut, known for the Bophut beach and the Fisherman’s Village. The beach is a long stretch from the Big Buddha and Maenam beaches. The Fisherman’s Village is at the heart of the beaches; it is an image of the island’s shift to modernity with its high end boutiques like Karma Sutra, luxury hotels like ShaSa Resort and a strip of classy restaurants. Despite the many up and coming markets and night spots in Bophut, there still remains the charm of the old salts of the village.

You can explore the Koh Samui nightlife by going around the pier of Bophut. Turn left to experience the Bophut beach nightlife or turn right to try out the restaurants and guesthouses. FYI, you won’t see Go-Go’s or girlie bars in this area. The charm of Bophut is its laidback and chill atmosphere where people can relax and have a good time at night.

Here are some places to check out for your Koh Samui nightlife in Bophut:

ShaSa Resort- This is a luxury hotel near Bophut Beach. Actually, there aren’t a lot of places to stay in Bophut area itself but there are hotels nearby for you to check out. Bophut has become popular compared to other places in Koh Samui because of its reputation for elegance, charm and laidback atmosphere. Experience night life in Bophut beach then come home to luxurious accommodations in ShaSa Resort where you can enjoy the executive villas, spa treatment and an overall luxurious stay at the hotel.

Karma Sutra- This place is the perfect spot to spend your time in Bophut. It was originally a Chinese shop house with intricate wooden interior that was transformed into a bar, restaurant and boutique all in one. You can have a cozy meal all throughout the day until night time in this place.

The Pier- This is one of the classiest restaurants in Bophut beach. It has an amazing view of the Gulf of Thailand amidst the cool, coastal wind and an impressive menu to choose from. Try out Koh Samui nightlife with class by checking out the international seafood dishes served in this restaurant. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a grand wooden staircase where diners can go up and dine while the view of the Gulf of Thailand mesmerizes them. Plus, the staff members are friendly and hospitable.

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