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Koh Samui has some of the world's top diving sites. Don't miss out!

Koh Samui and other outlying islands in the Gulf of Thailand are endowed with a good number of diving sites that serve as Koh Samui attractions. They can be great spots for diving all year round, but the Andaman low season beginning May until August is highly recommended for diving enthusiasts who want to make the most out of their diving adventure. Shasa Resort and Residences provides great tour and travel assistance for snorkeling and diving activities.

Green Rock

Probably so-named because of the vast array of swimming dwellers that abound in its waters, Green Rock promises to provide a stunning underwater vista to the diving explorer out to savor Koh Samui attractions. Be delighted by its network of tunnels and swim-throughs exquisitely afforded by the various rock and boulder formations outcropping from the main pinnacle, which rises a meter above water and extends 28 meters below it. Swim with blue-spotted stingrays and white-eyed morays while enjoying spectacles of hawksbill turtles, butterfish and angelfish. A bonus:  nearby nesting grounds of the highly territorial and moody titan triggerfish.

Chumpon/ Chumporn Pinnacles

Located within the Angthong National Marine Park, Chumpon Pinnacles is one of the outlying Koh Samui attractions normally considered as Koh Tao’s premier diving site. With depths at a manageable 14 meters underwater graduating to 35 meters, this dive site will prove to be a real challenge to novice divers and is best explored with more seasoned or expert divers. Standing out among the smaller rock pinnacles is a singular, large granite rock formation extending to 16 meters below the sea water and serving as home to pink anemone fish and sea anemones. Large, oceanic fish abound: man-sized groupers, barracuda, bat fish, grey reef sharks, mackerel, trevally and tuna. Whale sharks are occasionally spotted.

Samran Pinnacles

Still another diving spot considered as one of the surrounding Koh Samui attractions is the Samran Pinnacles. Recommended for more seasoned divers, water currents tend to be relatively stronger and the waters much deeper than the average diving sites. Lying twelve meters underwater are numerous rock formations, home to barracudas, large jackfish and trevally.

Southwest Pinnacles

Ascending majestically above water in this site is another rock pinnacle worthy of belonging to the many Koh Samui attractions. Lying five meters just below the surface, this pinnacle gently undulates downwards and out then fuses with the seabed at 30 meters. Smaller rock outcroppings dot the primary pinnacle to afford a most spectacular underwater view. Be fascinated by blue ringed angelfish, bannerfish, yellow-tailed barracuda, giant groupers, as well as occasional sightings of grey reef and whale sharks.

White Rock

With two pinnacles submerged 18-22 meters beneath the water while extending two meters above it, diving in White Rock will surely excite any diving adventurer looking to explore one of the many Koh Samui attractions the island has to offer. Some of the most common colorful and interesting underwater fauna native to this cool diving site: angel and butterfly fish, blue-spotted stingrays, moray eels, turtles, sea snakes, and the titan trigger fish. Staghorn corals lying on the White Rock seabed have also become dwelling places for breams and damsels. If you’re lucky, you might even come across the red-breasted wrasse, the longtom, and the hexagon grouper.


  1. It is really true that the beauty is in the bottom of the sea.

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  2. When you are deep down under the water, somehow, you will never want to come up back..

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