Sunday, 22 January 2012


The Secret Buddha Garden is one of the most amazing must see sights in Koh Samui

Initially built by Samuian fruit farmer Nim Thongsuk at age 77 back in 1976, the Secret Buddha Garden, otherwise known simply as the Magic Garden, is peacefully nestled in the hills of Samui. The road leading to this landmark was originally designed as a military road, but it wouldn’t hurt to request the guards to allow travelers to pass and visit the garden.

Otherwise, a rugged terrain vehicle can be maneuvered through the network of rivers and mountains interspersed by jungle to reach this breathtaking garden two hours from the Lamai temple. Navigating through this complicated route requires an experienced driver, plus expert advice from one of ShaSaResort and Residences’ tour assistance guides to boost your adventure plans.

Tour assistants from the hotel will provide you with the best routing suggestions possible to reach the Secret Buddha Garden.  The garden, although reachable only via out-of-the-usual routes and methods, will be worth all the effort you have to go through, as the view from Samui’s highest point affords the traveler a great breathtaking overlook from the north to the south of Samui island, the mainland and its bordering islands.

ShaSa Resort and Residences also provides superb complimentary WiFi internet facilities so you can view an online map to the Secret Buddha Garden. See photos of significant spots and points of interest within the garden, plus generous reviews of first-hand visitors to the garden in the comfort of your room or just about anywhere at ShaSa Resort and Residences.

With the ShaSa Resort and Residences Health Club, prepare yourself for the trek ahead to the Secret Buddha Garden. Use their various fitness equipment designed for cardiovascular workouts and resistance training so the network of steps and uneven terrain within the garden will be nothing short of an effortless trek by the traveler. The sauna room and the nearby hydrotherapy pool at the health club of ShaSa Resort and Residences will get you all sufficiently pumped up for the long, arduous journey ahead. The spectacular view of the Gulf of Thailand is another bonus offered by the health club.

Don’t want to take the kids along on the trip to the Secret Buddha Garden? ShaSa Resort and Residences has this covered, too. Entrust your kids to the gracious babysitting service available at the Kids Club. While waiting for mom and dad to come back from their trek, the kids are given educational art classes like batik painting and craft making.  Let them explore the joys of reading with well-stocked shelves of children’s books in a number of languages. They are also kept amused with an array of cartoons, the latest video games, and the largest LEGO brick collection within the island.

Tired muscles and sore feet after the trek? Fret no more. ShaSa Resort and Residences offers balcony massages for travelers who decide to go on a journey to the Secret Buddha Garden. With elegant pampering afforded by expert masseuses, those after-trek aches and pains easily melt away at the ministrations of these hospitable people at your service. Refresh yourself with a mango smoothie from the pool bar, listen to acoustic guitar music, or simply arrange for private dining after that exhausting trek. ShaSa Resort and Residences has you covered. 

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