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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Enjoy The Ride Of Your Life Via Koh Samui Quad Bikes

Quad Biking is an exhilarating sport that can try in Koh Samui.

People have been coming up with innovative and creative ways to experience adrenaline-pumping activities that feed their adventurous side.Take this new escapade across streams, rocks, lots of mud, fruit plantations, up the mountains and hilly plains and winding streets in a quad bike. This is a truly amazingly one-of-a-kind Koh Samui travel experience that everyone should try.

ATVs or quad bikes are these machines which are actually 250cc motorbikes with four huge fat tyres. One look at them and you know you will travel Koh Samui like never before. There are several ways to experience this gorgeous Thai island. You could do it by foot and leisurely; be on top of an elephant and explore the jungles, plantations until you reach the top of the mountain for a breath taking view; ride a jeep with windows rolled down to enjoy the sights and sounds better; go boating and explore the pristine seas and the other fascinating islands; or yes, hop on that quad bike and experience something totally different.

Stay at the luxurious ShaSa Resort and they will make sure to arrange your quad biking adventure for you. Go quad biking at Mae Nam in Soi 1 where the quad biking experts and professionals are based. They will be the ones to guide you through the whole ride. Not everyone is qualified to drive the quad bikes however. Before you begin the journey, they allot time for you to be test your driving skills. If you make 3 mistakes in your test run, then you will be made a passenger along a professional quad driver. Kids are usually not allowed to drive the quad bike on their own.

If you want to travel Koh Samui via a quad bike, this will require a group leader to be followed in a convoy along different paths and courses. If you wish to be on a safer track then remain in the starting area where there are obstacle courses and other fun things to do. The bike is equipped with a first aid kit and help is only a call away.

Amazing paths as well as safety precautions are provided for that unforgettable KohSamui travel experience. This exploit is certainly for the bold and the daring who just love getting an adrenaline rush.