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Koh Samui Island Adventure

Ever snorkeled in clear water beaches? Well in Koh Samui you can
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Thailand sure has many island resorts to offer tourists, and Koh Samui is but one among them. Located at the Gulf of Thailand, off the east coast of the Thai mainland, Koh Samui may pale in comparison when it comes to size, being in fact smaller compared to other local attractions like Phuket and Ko Chang.

Koh Samui comprises of just 247 square kilometres, making it the third largest Thai island. Koh Samui’s attractions, however, more than make up for the less acreage. For one, it has its own airport that conveniently links with the Thai capital of Bangkok 800 kilometres from the island. The one-hour flight from the capital can extend from 10 to 13 hours for those who opt to travel by train or bus plus a ferry ride.

Growth in tourism

Taking a trip either by air or overland and ferry would be worth it as the offerings of a Koh Samui travel trip are truly legendary. Tourist arrivals in recent years have swelled to about one million annually, affirming that indeed tourism in the island has gone a long way from those times when only venturesome backpackers came to partake of the island’s many offerings.

Accommodations available too have metamorphosed dramatically. The choices of lodging facilities in the island have grown not only in number but in variety as well. The alternatives in modest beach bungalows of previous years have grown to include facilities such as posh hotels like the ShaSa Resort, one of the most enticing attractions at the southern end of Koh Samui.

Local delights for the taking

Thai food is another draw that has remained a consistent source of delight. The cuisine native to the island typically consists of seafood prepared with fresh coconut milk and chili seasoning.

More of these delights can easily be experienced as there’s only one main road which circles the island, enabling a quick look at Koh Samui beyond its tourist enclaves. Taking the smaller roads branching off from the main highway can unveil the way of life in a rural Thai village. Some of these by-ways also lead to interior mountainous areas best explored with a hired motorbike or a jeep.

Those averse at stepping out of the beaten path should check out destinations like the Santiburi golf course. This is an 18-hole championship golf links at the northern section of Koh Samui. Dexterity at woods and irons can be likewise tested at the Royal Samui Golf and Country Club and at a tamer, nine-hole layout at the island’s Bophut district.   

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