Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cultural Discoveries in Koh Samui

Depicted above is a Wai, one many cultural discoveries you'll find in Koh Samui, Thailand

Cultural interaction stands as one of the best modes by which to enjoy a visit to a tourist destination. For this reason, many travel and tour operators promoting Koh Samui in Thailand almost always never fail to incorporate some pitches on the quaint local culture of local folks in the island. Koh Samui activities for visitors, after all, won’t be complete without having a sampling of the quaint island lifestyle as part of sojourns to this remarkable destination cradled by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

The local folks of Koh Samui, like most Asians, are quite friendly and amiable as reflected in their many festivals. Many of the permanent island residents have Chinese ancestry, the Chinese Lunar New Year is observed in the island around each February. Another interesting celebration locally is the Thai New Year or Songkran held in April, which can just as lively and captivating as the Chinese festivity.

Must-see spectacles

There are other revelries to enjoy and can be relished most in the environs of the popular and preferred Koh Samui tourist accommodations. At the ShaSa Resort, for instance, no stone is left unturned to ensure that guests in its facilities at the southern edge of the island can fully partake of the delights of holidays celebrated by the townsfolk. One of the enchanting spectacles to witness is the Loi Krathong or the Festival of Light traditionally celebrated in November.

There are special occasions too in between these festivals typically accompanied with parades, temple offerings, food fairs, and various entertainment fare. One of these is the Koh Samui Children’s Festival, which pays tribute to the younger generation, creating an occasion likewise for family-oriented activities. The island’s tourism officials, moreover, organizes cultural events and presentations in Koh Samui’s Nathon district.

What the markets offer

Besides the rich collection of festivals in Koh Samui, simple visits to the local markets will allow more than passing glimpses at the remarkable culture of the islanders. One superb stop is the market at Lam Din, which is located toward the island’s west coast, behind the expansive beach of the Chaweng district. Other alternatives can be explored at the Hua Thanon fishing village and at the fresh food market in the Nathon area.

Fairs around Koh Samui temples are also common throughout the year. These fairs venture around the island from village to village. The more elaborate of these endeavours can live entertainers, fortune tellers, and food stalls, with a Kung Fu movie thrown in, yet another manifestation of the diversity of the island’s cultural offerings.    

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