Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Getting the Most Out of a Koh Samui Holiday

Gorgeous view of some islands in Koh Samui

The popularity of Koh Samui in Thailand as a tourist destination has grown tremendously in recent years such that this island too has become a playground of the rich and famous. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it will now cost tourists an arm and a leg to spend their vacation or holiday in the island. For one thing, it is still possible to find Koh Samui hotel rates, which are quite affordable.

With some common sense and a bit of planning, visitors can enjoy a vacation in the island and have the best value-for-money deals in local tourist establishments like the ShaSa Resort, which is located at the idyllic southern point of Koh Samui. Besides this top-rated facility, there are also ideal options in the island’s Fisherman Village, one of which is the Carpe Diem Hotel.  Another possibility for hotel room accommodations at bargain rates is at the Fisherman’s Cove. The choice here can gravitate toward the Anantara Bohput Resort where spa services are likewise available.

Package tour discounts

Attractive rates can likewise be had at the newly built Arisara Place Hotel, a 30-apartment complex carved out of a hillside. In particular, tourists from Western countries will be delighted to note that their dollars and euros stand to go a long way once exchanged into the local currency, baht, for a holiday at Koh Samui. It is as equally delightful that local tour operators, travel agents, airlines, and hotels are coordinating efforts for the packaged tourist services that would appeal to those budget-conscious about their holiday spending.

There’s a merry choice, therefore, on package tours, which put together either stays on luxurious hotels like the Bophut Resort & Spa or having accommodations at the less expensive cottages of the Como Beach Resort at Buddha Bay. Some of the prized finds to look out for are discounts on early booking, some schemes of which are further sweetened with a “no deposit” requirement. Those lucky enough can also avail of last-minute calls to fill out slots in a packaged group tour, yet another opportunity to bag a substantial travel discount. 

Avoid the peak season

Taking advantage of off-season rates provides another alternative to enjoy an inexpensive Koh Samui vacation.  Essentially, the peak seasons to be avoided are Christmas and Easter, as well as school summer vacations. Outside of these periods, tourist traffic to Koh Samui is relatively lighter. As a result, airlines, tour operators, and hotels often conduct promos and provide discounts to generate a more even flow of revenue and maintain profitability, which becomes an advantage too for travellers who want to make the most out of their budgets.  

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