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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

An Ang Thong Adventure

Amazing view from the Ang Thong National Marine Park (photo courtesy of

Ang Thong National Marine Park is one of the most beautiful and thrilling Koh Samui attractions. Take a boat from Koh Samui, which is 28 kilometers away, and you will arrive at Ang Thong, which has pristine beaches and an amazing view. There are so many things to do while at Ang Thong.

Of course, you could spend the day getting a golden tan while reading your favorite book and enjoying the sound of the waves but Ang Thong, as it is one of the most exciting Koh Samui attractions, has so much more to offer. You could hike along the island's steep limestone steps, reach the peak and take in Thailand's beautiful scenery from above, while capturing a memorable photo. 

Ang Thong has safe mountain trails with seasoned hiking guides. 'Ang Thong' literally means 'Golden Basin' and it refers to the beautiful topography that has formed due to the numerous erosion that has taken place in the area over the years. Ang Thong is comprised of 42 different islands and to attempt to explore everything would take a few weeks. But of course, you could always visit only the main attractions.

Ang Thong has an amazing wildlife and this is one of the more thrilling Koh Samui attractions. Get up close with a variety of fascinating creatures such as pythons and other species of snakes, iguanas, langurs, white bellied sea eagles, otters and other reptile and bird species.

Koh Mae or the "Mother Island" boasts of a gorgeous beach and its inland salt water lagoon called is called the Thale Nai or "Emerald Lake". Nearby is Koh Sam Sao or the "Tripod Island" that has a coral reef and great hiking grounds perfect for divers and hikers. You may also choose to take a snorkeling tour around the islands and be enthralled by a variety of sea creatures. You could also rent a boat and go sailing or do some Kayaking.

Ang Thong is able to maintain its beauty because it has been greatly protected since its establishment in the 1980s. The place has gained widespread popularity when it was mentioned in Alex Garland's novel 'The Beach' which was then made into a film starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie however was not filmed on Ang Thong.

It has attractions within it and has something for everybody. Experiencing these Koh Samui attractions makes it not only a fun vacation, it makes it a journey.