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Monday, 17 September 2012

The Princess Cup Marathon, Koh Samui

The Koh Samui marathon is a fantastic race that any running enthusiast  should take part in (photo courtesy

There are many Koh Samui attractions, which make the island a tourist hot spot for thousands of vacationers. Things such as a variety of premium accommodations, white sand beaches, clear ocean water, refreshing sea breeze, wild night establishments, local hospitality and cuisine are more than enough to create memorable experiences in the minds of the island’s visitors.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to this tropical paradise, which makes paying a visit worth the trip. One event in particular that has caught the attention of many foreigners is known as the Princess Cup Marathon. Now, the idea of actually running gruelling miles in any part of Thailand may sound a bit irrational, considering how high temperatures can reach in the country.  

However, regardless of the risks associated with heatstroke and dehydration, participants have nothing to worry about, since this annual event is held early in the morning during one of the cooler times of the year in Thailand. Last year, the event started way before sunrise at 5:30am. And since the running affair is technically a quarter marathon (roughly more than 10kms), the average runner should be capable of completing the race within an hour, thereby eliminating dangers tied to excessive exposure to the sun’s rays.

Out of the many Koh Samui attractions, this one allows participants to catch a glimpse of beautiful sceneries along the 10km stretch. The last Princess Cup Marathon adopted a route, which started at Chaweng, and headed north. Since runners were made to stride around the peninsula at Koh Samui’s north-east end, several of the best beaches could be seen along the way, including the following: Big Buddha, Plai Laem and Thongsai Bay.

Moreover, the Princess’ Cup Samui Island Marathon is simultaneously held on the other side of the island. Here, contestants are made to run a full marathon (around 42kms), which starts at Nathon.

The main purpose of these events, which is the same as that of the other Koh Samuiattractions, is to promote tourism for the island. Needless to say, folks who relish engaging in running competitions may definitely want to consider planning a trip to this islet during the next marathon event.

Furthermore, each participant is required to pay a certain amount of cash as an entrance fee, which really isn’t much, especially when considering the Dollar to Thai Baht conversion ratio. As an added bonus, the winner of this sporting event will receive a hefty cash prize, and even a fancy trophy to commemorate his or her victory.