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Monday, 2 April 2012

Breath-taking Lipa Noi

Mesmerizing sunset at Lipa Noi (photo courtesy of 

Your stay at a Koh Samui beach is bound to be very memorable and exciting. One of the most popular beaches is Lipa Noi. Located at the west coast, this Koh Samui beach is known for its unspoilt beauty, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets. People from all over the world go to this magical place to relax and enjoy some water activities such as snorkelling.

The uninhabited beach of Lipa Noi makes it seem like a private Koh Samui beach. The beach stretches without obstruction---no rocks and corals, just fine white sand and clear turquoise waters, making it a safe pick for families to bring their kids to. The water is also very shallow.

This beach is very easy to get to. Lipa Noi is very close to the pier, so people who are coming in from the mainland consider this area as the point of entry to the Island of Samui.

The resorts surrounding this place exert lots of effort to preserve the beauty of the area, all the while catering to the needs of their patrons. One such resort worth staying at is the ShaSa Resort. This place is the perfect venue to watch the breathtaking Samui sunset  and enjoy some of the most amazing foods offered on the island.

Lipa Noi is a tropical paradise. Aside from actually being in the water, one can just unwind while doing other things. The beauty of the place is enough to make one forget about the problems in your life. One can take a peaceful stroll at the shore, sip tropical drinks while gazing out at the water and shop for souvenirs.  If you came here for wellness and spiritual renewal, you won’t be disappointed. This is a place where the best spas are located. Have a traditional Thai massage or some native body scrub.

Lipa Noi also boasts about its food. Being surrounded with water, one can expect top quality seafood at this place. Taken fresh out of the water, your taste buds will surely enjoy all the island’s offerings.