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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Best Spa and Resort in Koh Samui

The best place to get some spa treatment and unwind is without a doubt the ShaSa resort (photo courtesy of   

Koh Samui is a paradise island. Tourists flock to the island basically all year round to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the island’s serene ambience. Many people go here for some R&R and they are never disappointed. Spas are among the best excuses to visit Samui. There is nothing like a great dose of pampering while here at the tropics. Resorts usually have their own spas, making it more convenient for tourists. There’s the ShaSa Resort and the Anantara to name a few.

Here’s a list of the top three best spa and resorts in Koh Samui.

ShaSa Resort

ShaSa Resort is a 5 star hotel which offers the most breathtaking view of bright crystal clear water. It is a very popular choice among couples who are on a honeymoon, because it is a romantic place set amidst one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The most luxurious accommodations can be found here. Located at the hillside, it offers a very good panoramic view of the most amazing sights in Samui. ShaSa Resort is famous for its hydrotherapy pool---a popular choice for those who place a great value in wellness. The ShaSa Resort spa offers the most exotic body treatments and soothing massages, perfect to tone the body and relieve stress effectively. There are so many resorts and spas in Samui, but the ShaSa Resort is still undoubtedly the best.


The Anantara Bophut is another world-renowned resort in Samui. It is also a popular tourist choice, as it features some of the best amenities. Known for its water sports and soft white sand, one can really have a great Samui experience in this resort. One can absolutely enjoy a host of activities here in Anantara. There’s yoga, reiki, wind surfing, sailing, and tennis. There is also an Infinity edge pool, Jacuzzi, and fitness centre. Those who are looking for top class treatment will love it here for sure.

Melati Beach Resort

Melati Beach Resort and Spa features traditional Southern Thai style architecture that is sure to wow tourists from all over the world. It has 77 villas and suites and has accommodations for all sorts of tastes and preferences. Melati is known for its sophisticated pampering. The Melati Spa is situated near a pond and a waterfall, for a more relaxing and soothing experience.

If wellness and turquoise blue waters are on top of your list of vacation must haves, then Samui is the perfect place for you. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Indulge and Unwind in Koh Samui

Sauna in ShaSa health club. (

ShaSa Resort has the ShaSa Health club for the guests to indulge and unwind. ShaSa Resort is a world-class spa resort and it offers only the best fitness machines and training for its guests. The health club has treadmills, sky walkers, elliptical climbers, weights and personal trainers to look after the guests who need assistance for their workout. The guests have the privilege to choose their own workout routine, whether they want a light workout or a full body workout.

The spa of ShaSa Resort is not only for working out. It also offers various spa treatments like body scrubs and massage for those who want to relax and pamper themselves. In Koh Samui, what better way to experience the island than to sit back, relax and enjoy a good spa treatment at the resort? Whether you spend the day at the beach or strolling around the island, you can come home to ShaSa Resort and pamper yourself at the spa. For more information, read below:

The Spa
·      Guests who want to check into spa treatment or workout should inform the Guest Service Agent regarding any conditions such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, injuries, allergies, disabilities, ailments and the like. Alcohol consumption is not advised before the treatment or immediately after the treatment.
·      For the convenience of the guests, personal belongings will be provided with storage space within the spa area. However, guests should take note that the resort will not be held liable for the personal items in the storage. It is advisable to leave all valuables in the safe provided in the hotel suites.
·      Treatments and appointments are dealt with on time in ShaSa Resort so guests are advised to come on time and if possible, at least ten minutes before their scheduled treatment. Guests who come in late will have limited time to enjoy their treatment. Schedules cannot be easily extended because there are other guests with appointments.
·      All cancellations should be done more than six hours before the scheduled treatment. If the guest cancelled six hours before the appointment, a 50% cancellation fee would be charged and if the cancellation were done two hours before, then the charge would be a 100%.
·      Payment can be done using any of the major credit cards; the guests of ShaSa Resort can opt to have their spa charges billed to their hotel bill.

There are many spa treatments to choose from such as:
·      Deep Tissue Facial Massage- deep cleansing and clarifying treatment recommended for aging and sensitive skin
·      Pre Sun and After Sun Facial- separate treatments that hydrate and then relieve the skin for sunbathing
·      Coffee Scrub Treatment- this treatment exfoliates and revitalizes the skin with ground coffee beans mixed with brown sugar. The skin is rubbed with this mixture to take out dead cells and reveal new, fresh looking skin. The massage is then given to relax and de-stress the muscles. It is a truly rewarding treatment for the guests of ShaSa Resort