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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wonderful Laem Set beach is as serene as it gets

Quiet Laem Set beach is a great beach to visit while you are in Koh Samui  (Photo courtesy

Not many Koh Samui beaches can offer the same level of serenity that Laem Set can, while providing guests a wide range of activities to see and do. Other than running across the powdery white sand beach, or taking long dips in the crystal-clear ocean, this getaway hot spot gives visitors an excellent opportunity to practice yoga and other healing arts. For instance, vacationers can partake in the numerous wellness activities offered, such as chi gong, tai chi and even Pilates.

People who have never tried such activities while on vacation are in for a treat, since countless vacationers all claim that these practices help them fully rejuvenate their minds and bodies. In addition to these perks, guests can enjoy animal sightseeing during their stay, which is another attraction that makes this island paradise even better.

For those who enjoy snorkelling, there’s a coral reef located 100 meters away from the shoreline. Tourists will be pleased to know that a diversity of aquatic life can be found around this reef, as well as other pleasing underwater sights.

However, it’d be helpful to bring a pair of aqua shoes whenever heading out to all Koh Samui beaches. Fragments of dead corals have the tendency to wash up on shore, wherein some are pretty sharp, and can easily cut the feet.

Other attractions that’d keep guests busy on Laem Set include the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Show. Best suited for children, all it takes is 250 THB to experience a variety of aquatic shows, as well as get close-up peeps at the tigers.

As for the places to stay, this beach offers everything from mediocre to luxury accommodations for rent. One place in particular that stands out amongst the rest is the ShaSa Resort and Residences – this stylish boutique resort has a variety of suites furnished with premium furniture and fixtures.

Also, interior design of the entire establishment is considered to be an architectural masterpiece by the many guests who have stayed here.

Aside from the 24-hour butler service, another standout amenity is its restaurant known as “The Z” – here, vacationists can get taste of a wide range of local food, which is sure to please the pickiest of taste buds.

Laem Set is considered a gem amongst the various Koh Samui beaches engaging in commercial operation today. This beach is one of the most private and quiet beaches on the island.