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Friday, 25 January 2013

Canopy Adventures in Koh Samui

Enjoy an amazing canopy adventure in Koh Samui

People should make a list of KohSamui things to do before departing for their trips in order to maximize every precious hour they spend in the tropical paradise. They also need to take into careful consideration the Koh Samui weather – although climate conditions tend to stay favorable throughout most of the year, a rainy day could postpone an outdoor trip by several hours or longer.

But given that the clouds are gone and the sun is bright and shining, tourists who’d like to get that adrenaline rush of a lifetime should definitely consider making a quick stopover Canopy Adventures in Maenam.

The rush that has gotten folks from around the world buzzing involves zip-lining through a rainforest at speeds reaching 50 mph and beyond. Not only is the adventure breath-taking, but the beautiful, unspoilt view of nature at its best is simply astonishing.

A good thing about Canopy Adventures is they eliminate the need for customers to travel going to the actual zip-line site themselves. Tourists will be picked up at their hotels, apartments, villas, or wherever it is they’re staying, and be escorted to the area.

Passengers will be taken on an off-road safari through the island’s untouched areas, approximately four kilometres from the main road of Maenam. Along the way, a quick stopover is to be made at Hammock bar, where folks can enjoy refreshments. They’ll also be fitted out with the necessary equipment and gear for the adventure waiting ahead.

Once everyone has been securely outfitted with all necessities, participants will go on a short trek going to the training area. A trained guide will then show each individual how to cable ride, and then allow everyone to practice on their own. Learning isn’t difficult at all, as only a few minutes are needed to become an expert.

From there, guides take their students to the next phase wherein they can zip from one point to another at freewill. There are seven tree platforms and six lengthy cables, which add up to a total of 500 meters of pure fun!

With all that said, cable riding is definitely one of the many Koh Samui things to do during a holiday within the island. So long as the Koh Samui weather conditions are predicted to be fine, anyone from the age of 7 to 85 can feel free to zip through trees like monkey anytime!