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Friday, 6 January 2012

Want to Scuba Dive in Paradise?

Scuba Diving in Koh Samui should atop your Koh Samui things to do list.

Scuba diving with amazing creatures in Koh Samui should be on your list of Koh Samui things to do! Scuba diving is a popular water sport in Thailand and many tourists from all over the world make time to visit just to experience the rich and abundant waters of Thailand. Experience a whole new world under the sea using the diving equipment. See the majestic creatures of the waters of Thailand. The coral reefs and multitude of sea creatures will never cease to amaze you. Fill your hungry eyes with the sea cows, giant barracuda, sharks and even manta rays! Yes, there are many other Koh Samui things to do but why miss out on such a unique underwater experience?

Since the start of the 70s, Koh Samui has been the center of attention for many visitors looking for a rich, well preserved coast. Situated on the east coast of Thailand, the island is a sheltered coastal paradise that is a diver’s haven because of the coral reefs and dynamic sea creatures. The diving sites have majestic rock formations and coral reefs that cannot be seen anywhere else.  Because of the popularity of the island for scuba diving, tourists have made it a point to include the water sport in their list of Koh Samui things to do. Nowadays, Koh Samui is one of the world class diving sites.

Where to stay in Koh Samui

ShaSa Resort- Before heading out for a scuba diving adventure, check in at the exclusive villas, spa treatment and pampering at the ShaSa Resort where you can get the best quality accommodations. Families, couples and groups of friends can find a relaxing place to stay on the island in this hotel. It is near various diving sites so you can easily travel back and forth.

Koh Samui Diving Sites

There are various diving sites on Koh Samui. Here are the best ones to go to:

  • Chumphon Pinnacle
  • Sail Rock
  • Koh Nang Yuan
  • Koh Tao
  • Southwest Pinnacle

Diving Season in Koh Samui

Lots of tourists include scuba diving in their list of Koh Samui things to do because the diving season is available the whole year. However, the best time to go is from the month of May until August. During these months, the Andaman coast experiences a low season. From September until November, the Northeast monsoon winds bring surface swells into the island so there is 30% decrease of visibility.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Koh Samui Tours from the ShaSa Resort

The ShaSa resort is able to provide guests with special Koh Samui tours including this fun Koh Samui Eco Tour. 

There’s a huge amount of attractions you just have to see when you come to stay at ShaSa Resort, and for many of them you’ll no doubt want to get the help of the concierge at the ShaSa hotel. There’s a range of full-day or half-day tours to choose from when you stay at ShaSa, either on dry land or out at sea. Here’s some of our favorites that we highly recommend.

Koh Tao and Nang Yuan Speedboat Tour

If you’re up for some snorkeling then this is the tour for you. Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan offer some of the best snorkeling found anywhere in the Gulf of Thailand for ShaSa guests. On this tour you’ll get to discover the magical coral reefs of Tian Nok, Sairee, Hin Wong and Mango bays. You’ll also get to see the amazing sandbar beaches, which are formed due to the currents of the ocean interacting with Koh Tao’s three peaks, something that is truly unique to the world.

Explore the lush green jungles of Koh Samui from ShaSa Resort, taking in the spectacular Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, Buddha’s Magic Garden, elephant trekking, a hugely entertaining baby elephant show and more. You’ll also get to relax and make a splash at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Samui, hidden deep in the jungle. Chill out in the cool fresh waters and then don’t forget to pay your respects to Loung Pordaeng, a mummified monk whose body is almost perfectly persevered and on full display at the Wat Khanaram temple, seated in a meditative position after more than 30 years. You’ll also get to jump in a jeep and go for a rise across Samui’s spectacular mountain peaks and see breathtaking views of the entire island, before visiting Buddha’s Magic Garden, one of the most incredible in the entire world. This Koh Samui eco tour is truly unforgettable!

Angthong Marine Park Sea Safari Tour

When you stay at ShaSa Resort, we cannot recommend highly enough that you check out the awesome, spectacular Angthong National Park, encompassing Ko Wao, Ko Tai Phow and Ko Mae Kho. Go snorkeling or diving, then explore the island of Tai Phow by kayak along with an experienced guide to point out the hidden secrets. Finally, we’ll go onto the island itself and trek to the awe - inspiring Green Lagoon, which is said to have inspired the famous movie “The Beach”, starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Snorkelling and Kayaking Tour at Coral Island

This awesome sea kayak tour takes in some truly awesome sights – we invite you to leave the luxuries of ShaSa behind for a day and paddle along the warm coastline of Koh Mudsum, then do some snorkeling in the deep, multicolored waters of Ko Tan, trek through the jungle and snap some pics of monkeys and wild birds, before finally, taking a well earned rest in a hammock slung between two shaded palms.