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Sunday, 14 October 2012

What To Buy During Koh Samui Shopping Trips

There are plenty of cool souvenirs you can buy while in Koh Samui (photo courtesy of 
Some of the best memories are forged during vacations in distant places. A traveller was asked about what he loved the most during his trip to Thailand’s third biggest island, and he said it was the world-class accommodations he received at the ShaSa Resort as well as the mouth-watering exotic dishes he had at a couple of restaurants.

When asked how he planned on capturing the memory he had on the island, he answered: “with a camera and by doing a little Koh Samui shopping.” The most common way people cherish memories is by taking photographs, which is great. However, using this in combination with the acquisition of an actual commodity unique to the place would be even better.

There are many things that any vacationist can buy to commemorate his trip to this paradise island. With that being said, one item that seasoned travellers and locals recommend for tourists to bring back home is jewellery.

Shops on the island offer custom-made pieces that can be crafted in such a way that’s aesthetically appealing to the buyer, or in a way that’d remind the buyer of the island.

However, when doing a little Koh Samui shopping for jewelleries, shoppers are advised to make sure that the shop is authorized with a Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) license to warrant the goods’ authenticity.

Moving forward, Koh Samui hotel staff say Thai triangular cushions also make great souvenirs. While these merchandises can be found everywhere, the widest selection of such goods is located at Nathon Town and Fisherman’s Village. At these places, silk wall hangings, wooden carvings plus other crafts can be purchased as well, all of which make great mementos of holiday spent in the charming island.

Another item that’d help commemorate the trip is local Samui rum – not only does it come in different delicious-tasting flavours, but many of these sport handsome wooden cases which look good at most (or some) western home displays.

A person can also purchase a tailor made suit in Koh Samui at a reasonable price. The prices for suits are extremely cheap and will last a good amount of time.

Koh Samui shopping for art works such as sculpted wooden images or paintings is advised, as they make great keepsakes, and are bound to blend well in anyone’s house. Many of these painters and carvers are willing to do custom jobs for their customers. Although it’ll cost more (depending on the rate charged by the dealer,) getting something truly unique is always a great way to remember any cherished holiday. 

Monday, 30 January 2012


Be sure to read this blog post to get some Koh Samui shopping advice. 

During your stay at ShaSa Resorts and Residences, you’ll know doubt want to get out there and hit the shops and markets that abound everywhere on Koh Samui island, and pick up some of the excellent bargains in clothes, gadgets, jewelry and souvenirs just waiting to be had.

Koh Samui shopping is both cheap and plentiful on the island – at every single beach, every single town and village, you’ll find vendors and stalls, shops and malls all vying for your business. But while you’ll notice that the price of goods is much cheaper than your home country than they are when Koh Samui shopping, you still might end up paying over the odds if you’re not too careful.

There’s a trick to Koh Samui shopping that every shopper needs to be aware of – you gotta bargain hard to get what you want at the right price! Bargaining is pretty much the done thing in Thailand – unless the store is an official one with clearly marked prices, virtually everything you buy has to be negotiated. 

So how to negotiate? The trick to bargaining when Koh Samui shopping is to first of all, know what a realistic price is for the item you are trying to buy. Second, always bargain with a smile on your face – don’t get angry or upset as this won’t get you anywhere. You can bargain hard, but always keep it friendly.

To begin with, ask the Koh Samui shopping vendor what the price is. Naturally, the vendor will always start off with a high price, perhaps two or three times the actual price. For example, if you’re buying a T-shirt and the vendor asks for 500 baht, then the real price is probably going to be more like 200 or 300 baht. Offer him 100, but do it with a smile on your face. Guaranteed, the vendor will look shocked! But it’s also guaranteed he or she will make a lower counter-offer. He might say “okay, 350 baht”. In that case, offer 200 baht, and then he or she’ll probably say 300. Now you’re getting closer! 300 baht isn’t a bad price at all, but with skill you may be able to get that T-shirt for even less, but remember not to push too hard or they may just refuse you altogether! With practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

And of course we should mention that if you can speak some Thai, even if it’s only a few simple phrase such as “How much is this?”, your Koh Samui shopping will be much easier and the prices you’ll be quoted much cheaper.

Have fun with your shopping!