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Saturday, 24 March 2012

5 Drinks you Must Try while in Koh Samui

Picture of the ShaSa Mojito, the most refreshing and  delicious alcoholic beverage you'll find in Ko Samui. 
The ShaSa Resort is great place to go to grab a drink for a celebration with your crazy friends or loved ones. It is never a real occasion without drinks and cocktails. And when you are in the beautiful and thrilling island of Koh Samui, there are a few drinks that you shouldn’t miss out on.


The Shasa Mojito is ShaSa Resort's signature drink that is perfectly blended to be both strong and sweet. Stay by the bar, order a glass of this cocktail and will probably want more! This drink is made from the finest Samui Rum and is currently the most popular drink sold at their hotel, the ShaSa Resort's famous mojito is worth trying, everybody has to have at least a sip of it once.


Enjoy a delicious glass of the piƱa colada with a Thai twist that is made of pineapple, rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. ShaSa Resort has a generous offering of this Puerto Rican drink topped with a slice of fresh pineapple. Variations of this fruity cocktail could also be ordered. There is the amaretto colada which uses amaretto instead of rum, the Kahlua colada which uses Kahlua instead of rum and the King Henry or Chi Chi which uses vodka.


A wild concoction of tequila, lime, salt and a variety of other delicious flavours, this fancily served drink never fails to assure its drinkers of a good time. The best thing about margaritas is that they are offered almost anywhere. The ShaSa ResSgort makes one of the margaritas you’ll find on the island.


For numerous variety of shots, head to Viking Bar in the heart of Chaweng and show your drinking prowess by joining in on a shot competition while making new friends from all over the world. Viking offers the yummiest flavours of shots including chocolate, strawberry and other flavours.


Get the best beer on the island from the Shamrock Irish Pub located in the very center of Lamai. Try out a variety of beer from all over the world here. Shamrock offers Tiger beer, Chang, Heineken, Erdinger Weissbier, Magners and Kilkenny Irish beer. Don't be afraid to discover the beer which is perfect for your taste.