Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Traveling to Koh Samui Via Bangkok Airways

Most people like to use Bangkok airways to get to Koh Samui (photo courtesy flickr.com)
Considering how uncomfortable trips to tourist hotspots can easily turn anyone off towards going there in the first place, making arrangements with the right travel agency is unquestionably a must.

There are tons of Koh Samui attractions, on the island, which could easily get any vacationer overly excited. But to ensure that the journey from Bangkok to the tropical paradise is stress-free, flying via Bangkok Airways is frequently suggested by seasoned travellers.

Despite the fact that the trip lasts roughly one hour only, this airline actually feeds passengers food, unlike some of the other commercial airline companies.

For those who travel regularly, participating in the frequent flyer program, known as “Flyer Bonus”, is highly recommended. Members are given the opportunity to earn exclusive and special rewards, such as preferential check-in, increased luggage allowance, plus more. Moreover, not only will a passenger receive bonus points for flying (on their plane) during his or her birthday, signing up to become a member can be done easily through the Internet.

After arriving from the refreshing, stress-free ride courtesy of Bangkok Airways comes the hard part, which is getting to see all of those Koh Samui attractions.

There’s a wide range of mediocre to premium accommodations available (most of which are proximate to the popular crowd-drawers) throughout the entire area. For those working with a smaller budget, condominiums are a cheap yet comfortable alternative. These types of residential units for rent come with all the basic furniture, fixtures, plus adjacent amenities that a vacationer will need to live comfortably.

As for those fortunate enough to work with a large spending allowance, and want nothing less than the best the island has to offer, ShaSa Resort & Residences is one commercial establishment in particular that can cater for such desires. Fitted with elegant furniture and fixtures, designer appliances, and multiple views of the magnificent ocean outside, this hotel can give its customers a whole lot more than the normal VIP treatment.

Whichever condo, hotel room, suite or villa a tourist may stay at, it’s safe to say that it should be near a variety of Koh Samui attractions. Moreover, these commercialized businesses typically provide guests with various means of transport to get to certain attractions – be it via boat or land vehicle. 

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