Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Snake Farm

Get up close and personal with some snakes at the Koh Samui snake farm  (photo courtesy gonomad.com)

Needless to say, it’d certainly be in the best interest of any tourist to make sure he or she sees as many Koh Samui attractions during his or her visit in this island. Now, while enjoying the warm and relaxing Koh Samui weather is alright, a vacationer would be so much happier if he could set time aside for a visit to the Snake Farm.

This island attraction has gained international fame back in 2008 – the year when Thailand’s “Scorpion Queen” Kanchana Kaetkaew utilized the farm as the venue for setting a Guinness world record for holding a seven-inch-long scorpion in her mouth for two minutes.

Inside the farm is a reptile zoo, wherein guests are given the opportunity to touch or even handle docile snakes – that is of course, if they can stomach the riveting experience.

For those who’d prefer to watch other people doing the snake-handling, they’re in luck, as shows featuring snake wranglers coaxing the venomous beasts into showing deadly poses are held daily. While a wide range of snakes are utilized for these presentations, king cobras and massive pythons are considered by many spectators to be the biggest crowd-drawers.

Shows last two hours, starting from 11am and ending at 2pm. During the first segment of the show, snake charmers kick-off the production with a variety of poisonous snakes. Here, brave entertainers dance around the snake, while exhibiting moves that seem to aggravate the slithering beasts, and provoke them into taking defensive and offensive positions.

As daredevils continue to aggravate the deadly reptiles, the animals exhibit even more violent behavior, which includes lurching, exposure of their fangs, and even venom-spitting.

This segment is then followed by a display of cock-fighting. Unlike other shows, these birds won’t be wearing blades, so there isn’t any need to worry about the poor animals getting bloodied or killed.
Following the demonstration is the scorpion show, wherein a female entertainer is made to stand still as scorpions climb around her body. And finally, the king cobra is placed on stage, wherein an even braver snake charmer coaxes the killer to show-off its deadly attack moves.

Of course, the Snake Farm is just one of the many Koh Samui attractions for vacationers to enjoy. Paying a visit here is strongly recommended for vacationers who want to do more than relish the pleasant Koh Samui weather, go swimming, or engage typical activities most beach-goers are into.

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